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Youth employment crisis :

There are currently 75 millions unemployed youth. The global youth employment crisis threatens the hopes of young people to create a future filling them with pride. But what is the difference between under-employment and unemployment? How does the crisis affects young people across the world? Discover the latest ILO figures and how young people are key actors in the fight against the youth employment crisis.

Youth Migration

The link between migrations and decent work is wide. There is a lot to say about the motivations of young migrant workers, the obstacles they face, the risks for the countries of origin and the contributions and challenges for the countries of destination. With the following resources, you will be able to deepen your knowledge and discover the roots and challenges of youth migration.

Youth in Informality

Informality appears to take distinct forms according to national contexts and labour market characteristics. What are thoses characteristics? Is it possible to make a transition from informality toward an employment in the formal sector? What are the disadvantages of informal employment? Can they however yield positive impacts for young people? Discover more now:

Youth entrepreneurship

Youth entrepreneurship is considered one of the most relevant intervention in order to fight against youth unemployment and it is a high potential to create jobs. However, there is a necessity for entrepreneurship education across the world.

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