What is decent work?
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What is decent work?




What is decent work?


This is a question of significant importance for all young workers. The concept of decent work is something that is too often under estimated. The reality is that your working conditions affect your way of living and have direct repercussions on your life and future. Access to decent work is the best way young people can realize their aspirations, improve their living conditions and actively participate in society and in the stimulation of the economy. Definitely not something one should under-estimate! Every worker, young or adult, has the right to decent work. Let’s take the time to reflect on decent work.


How can you know if your working conditions are decent?

The ILO’s decent work agenda can provide you with real life examples of decent work conditions. Let’s take a look! 


If your current work offers you all the above elements, congratulations as you have a decent job! If not, why not?



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